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DiPietro's... Your Trusted Food Source Since 1982

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Dear Customers,

The past few weeks have perhaps been the  most challenging times in recent memory for Canadians and for the local economy. While the world at large is facing one of the most critical health issues of this century (COVID-19), local families and the the local workforce are preparing for what is to come.

Just so you know, DiPietro's supply chain is based on strong relationships with reliable, quality vendors over 3 1/2 decades. We are a well established family-run business that deals directly with our food sources. While, none of us are sure how long this health concern will interrupt the flow of all goods and services, rest assured, we are communicating many times daily with our food and grocery suppliers to ensure that your shopping experience is as close to normal as possible... given the circumstances.

Our quality control and food safety standards have always been second to none. However, we have raised the bar once again to ensure quality, consistency and customer safety.

We encourage you to remain calm and resist engaging in a buying frenzy (which are reported to be happening everywhere). Our grocery staff, meat, deli and bakery departments are all working overtime so that everyone can meet the nutritional needs of their families.


We are getting deliveries throughout the day, and picking up orders directly from suppliers where and when necessary.

We have been "The Meat People Since 1982" ... and that has not changed nor will it   ever :)

Many thanks to our loyal customers AND to all the many new customer faces we've welcomed  through our doors over the past few weeks. We invite you to stay with us as well... when this whole thing is over.

Thanks for your business!

Best Wishes and Be Safe!

The DiPietro Families and Dedicated Staff

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