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SAVE & Freeze every week

DiPietro's has great prices every day of every week. If you have a home freezer, why not purchase and FREEZE more of the cuts you like when our weekly flyer prices DIP even lower.

Buy More - Save More!

   DiPietro's Freezer Packs

                      SAVE On Bulk Purchases


Available in Full Size Orders OR Half Size Orders


8lbs - Picnic Pork Shoulder Roast

7lbs - Bone-In Short Rib Roast

10lbs - Blade Steak

5lbs - Button Ribs

5lbs - Cross Cut Steak

10lbs - Chicken Legs

10lbs - Chicken Drumsticks

5lbs - Side Bacon

5lbs - Lean Ground Pork

10lbs - Pork Sausage

10lbs - Blade Chops

5lbs - Regular Ground Beef

5lbs - Turkey Drumsticks or Turkey WIngs

5lbs - Boneless Pork Blade Roast


* Additional $5.00 charge per substitution (NOTE: Substitutions are for dollar value not by weight.)


Prices will vary on alternative cuts but whatever you decide to choose DiPietros will deliver quality and value on all your orders. * Prices can change without notice.

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