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DiPietro's Incredible BULK Food Section

DiPietro's Bulk Food and Confections

Always Fresh!

Roasted Pist
Gummy worms

DiPietro's Bulk Food Supplies In Cambridge. Why pay more for Nuts, Snacks, Chocolate, Candy and  Baking Supplies? DiPietros has one of the largest sbulk food elections in the Region AND everyday BEST Prices on all the items you want and need. Right beside the produce section, our BULK Food Section is second to none. Always Available--Always Very Fresh. Take some home next visit.

Cookies Crackers

Whole Wheat Crackers

Multigrain Crackers

Sesame Crackers

Basil & Olive Crackers

Garden Vegetable Crackers

Social Tea Crackers

Ginger Cookies

Digestive Coolies


Cooking /Baking Supplies

Soup Mix Vegetables/Beans/ Lentils

Chicken Soup Base

Beef Soup Base

Pine Nuts

Sliced Mangoes

Diced Pineapple

In Shell Pecans

In Shell Almonds

Ultimate Semi-sweet Chocolate Chunks


Brazil Nuts


Snacks Treats

Sultana Raisins

Dried Cranberries

Thompson Raisins

Cranberry Snack Mix

Trail Mix

Mix Arnies Nutty Berr

Bit & Bites

Pretzel Sticks


Yogurt Pretzels

Milk Chocolate Pretzels

Beer Nuts

Unsalted Peanuts

Salted Peanuts

Salted Roasted Soya Nuts

Chocolate Almonds

Neilson Rosebuds

Chocolate Peanuts

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Dried Cherries Chocolate Covered

Chocolate Raisins


Sugar-FREE Sweets


Edas Sugarfree Hard Candy Old Tyme Mix

Edas Sugarfree Hard Candy Eucalyptus

Edas Sugarfree Hard Candy Spearmint


Candies / Sweets


Warheads Sour Candy

Sour Warhead Cubes

Bubble Gum

Sour Keys

Spear Mint Leaves

Cola Bottles

Gumi Worms

Candy Guy Juice Berries


DiPietro's Mixed Fruit and Nuts
White Chocolate Pretzels

Candies / Sweets ... Continued

Gummi Bears

Jumbo Gums

Hamlet Fruit Chocolate Candies

Milk Chocolate With Almonds

Durukan - Gum Filled Lollipop

Wine Gumms

Peach Rings

Cream Filled Chocolates

Baci Dark Chocolate Praline/Hazelnut filling

Sour Gummi Bears


Licorice Kids

Fruit Slices

Sour Cherries

Jelly Beans

Candy Corn

Swedish Berries


Mini Banana Marshmellows

Mini Strawberry Marshmellows

Marshmellow Peanuts

Mint Candy

Beauty Pops Suckers

English Licorice Allsorts

Watermellon Slices

Licorice Nibs

Nestle After Eight Mints

M&M's Chocolate Candies

S'Mores Snack Mix

Jelaxy Fruit Juice - Watermelon

Jelaxy Fruit Juice Ring'os

Scotch Mints

Juice Jelly Beans

Juice Fruit Slices

Cinnamon Hard Candies

Fruittino Mini Yum

Fruittino Assorted Chewy Candy

Chocolate Toonies

Chocolate Loonies

Australian Gourmet Red Licorice

Australian Gourmet Black Licorice

Today Black Chocolate

Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle

Wafer Delight Candy

Ultimate Semi-sweet Chocolate Chunks

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Assorted Licorice-Strawberry/


Broken Chocolate Almond Bars

Peanut Butter Delight



Candy Corn Confections
Australian Style Gourmet Red Liquorice
DiPietro's Organic Fruit Seeds and Nuts
Russell Stover Chocolates
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